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September 2015 -

De Jong Greenhouses display at the IFA Florist Conference was awarded 'Best Vendor'! Here are a couple of pictures of Amy (left) & Mary (right) in the display booth.

IFA Florist Conference - Best Vendor!

IFA Florist Conference - Best Vendor!

November 2015 -

We are very excited about a recent article in HortiDaily about our work using Beneficials working with BioBest.

Sarah Gunn is the manager/head grower at the Oskaloosa site, where the transition to biocontrol began in 2008. We successfully introduced bioprograms in key crops starting in 2008 (e.g. gerbera, poinsettia and cyclamen) the management team is working with Biobest’s Technical advisor Veronica Cervantes to take these strategies to the next level.

Here's a downloadable PDF of the full article:

Here's a link to the article on the HortiDaily website:


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